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The Next Fifty Contests

‘The Next Fifty’ is the big celebration that will begin April 21, 2012 to commemorate the Seattle World’s Fair 50th Anniversary at Seattle Center.  There are many contests that will take place leading up to this celebration to help build excitement and community involvement.  Here are the two contests that are currently taking place:

  1. T-shirt Design Contest: This contest is to design a commemorative t-shirt for the 1962 World’s Fair 50th Anniversary. The theme for the design is ‘The Next Fifty Years: Arts, Culture, & Design’.  We love this theme because of how influential Seattle has been in terms of art, theatre, and architecture. Be creative! Have fun with this! And of course, there are GREAT prizes… including: studio time at GAGE Academy of Design and The Vera Project or tickets to local museums like the Seattle Art Museum and the Experience Music Project. Contest ends on October 21, 2010.
  2. Haiku Contest: This contest is for participants to write a haiku based on the theme: sustainability.  The contest will be judged by the Haiku Society of America. Our region has been a leader in the sustainability movement, and judges will look for a haiku that exemplifies this idea of sustainability.  The prize is $100! Contest ends on December 31st.

Visit ‘The Next Fifty’ website for details about the contests:


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