Fast, convenient transportation from Downtown to Seattle Center!

Only 2 More Weeks of Harry Potter!

There are only 2 weeks left to go to Pacific Science Center and see ‘Harry Potter: The Exhibition’.  This is the last stop in the U.S. for the exhibition’s tour – the exhibition features incredible costumes, props, and set pieces from the movies!  People of all ages have enjoyed sitting in Hagrid’s chair, playing quidditch, looking at how the costumes have changed over the past decade, and seeing how much attention to detail was put into the production of the films!

The Seattle Center Monorail is currently wrapped to look like The Hogwarts Express Train from the movies.  The Monorail will be wrapped like the train for two more weeks.  It’s a fun way to travel from downtown’s Westlake Center to Seattle Center for the exhibition at Pacific Science Center.  Monorail ticketing information can be found at:

Make sure you purchase your tickets to Harry Potter: The Exhibition before going to Pacific Science Center.  Some days have already sold out in advance!


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